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Challis Booster

How the Challis Water Pressure Booster works

In an effort to stop leaks water companies across the UK have started to reduce their mains water pressures down to as little as 1 bar or below. This means that at times of the day when everyone is using water this high level of demand can sometimes result in the whole system running out of puff and water supply reducing to a dribble. Not very clever when you are trying to have a shower in your own home.

To stop this happening the Challis Booster system provides your home with its own water supply completely independent from the outside mains water supply. So no matter what is happening to the flow and pressures on the incoming water mains outside your property you will still have a plentiful supply and flow of high pressure water in your home making low water pressure problems a thing of the past and enabling powerful power showers all around your home all through the day or night.

The best way to describe the Challis Booster is like a battery storage system but for water. The Challis Booster system takes high pressurised water from the mains supply at times when no one is using it (at night) and stores it in an accumulator vessel under its own pressure.

The Accumulator is basically a steel vessel with an internal rubber bladder (2) that fills with water from the mains supply (5). As the water bladder fills it expands and squeezes the air space (4) which retains the energy in the water pressure to be released like a balloon when you open a tap or need a shower. Accumulators come in different sizes to suite your properties specific requirement, storing from 6 litres to 10,000 litres so you can have as much or as little water stored and available as you want.The effect of this is stable water pressure and flow to all taps/outlets with minimal drop off when more than one tap/outlet are opened simultaneously.

The Challis Booster water pressure accumulator for low water pressure problems

LOW Mains water flow rate or volume?

A Challis Booster system is completely modular enabling you to have as many accumulator vessels as you like to satisfy demand. The accumulator vessels can be located all in one place (garage) or around the property near to outlets (under sink/airing cupboard/ roof space) anywhere you have unused space.

While everyone else in your street is struggling to have a decent shower you can have a power shower for as long as you like.

In real terms The CHALLIS BOOSTER system acts as your own personal mini water supply resuscitating your system and water pressure.

Client Feedback

My third floor flat sometimes has little or no water and I don't know why. My plumber suggested fitting a ChallisBoost and now I have unbelievable flow.

Ms Willet (Manchester)

As a washing machine test centre our demand for water fluctuates from hour to hour and day to day. Sometimes we were actually running out of water half way through a test. Fitting Challis Boost cylinders has solved this problem. Thanks for your help and advice.

Mr Penfold (Washing Machine Test Centre)

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