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Low water pressure?

Low flow problems?

Too many outlets and not enough flow? Want to pump directly off the mains? Limited space? Limited budget?

Solution: Fit a Challis Booster

Frequently Asked Questions about Challis Water Boosters

I Have a Shower With Very Low Water Pressure & Flow What Can I Do?

The Challis Booster uses inherent pressure within the water supply at times of low demand to store and lock that pressurised water in an accumulator vessel to be available for use later at times of high demand. If your mains water pressure is low 24 hours a day (ie some areas of London and Greater London have very high water demand) then you can use the Challis Booster plus jockey pump to add that extra boost in pressure to your stored water supply.

I Have Low Water Flow What Can I Do?

Water Flow is dependant on your pipe size. Small pipework equals small water flow. Because the Challis Booster stores water in a vessel under pressure you can fit whatever size outlet pipe to the vessel you like, so you can easily increase the available flow in your home to cope with as many bathrooms as you like.

I Have a Low Water Pressure Shower What Can I Do to Improve It?

Fitting a Challis Booster will increase flow and pressure throughout your home, not just your showers, so you can have power showers all over your home if you want.

How do I fit a Challis Booster in my property?

Fitting the Challis Booster system is simplicity in itself as it is a straight forward in line fit, however we do recommend that the Challis Booster is fitted by a qualified plumber.

Full installation instructions are available to download in our PDF instruction Manual.

My Main Water Supply Pipe Into My Home Is Too Small What Can I Do?

Small diameter mains supply into your home will limit your flow. By fitting a Challis Booster you can have whatever size outlet pipe you like from your Challis Booster cylinder so you can easily increase the available flow in your home to cope with as many bathrooms as you like.

My Home Is a Long Way From The Mains Water. By The Time It Gets To My Home It Has Run Out of Pressure and Flow. What Can I Do?

Fitting a Challis Booster or Challis Booster Plus will solve this problem instantly.

As Outlets Are Turned On In My Home The Flow and Pressure Drops and Drops What Can I Do?

Fitting a Challis Booster or Challis Booster Plus will solve this problem instantly as it provides flow and pressure to all outlets.

How Much Stored Water Can the Challis Booster System Hold?

Challis Booster accumulators come in sizes from 6 to 10,000 litres.

How Long Do The Challis Booster Cylinders Last?

Our experience of our vessels is a working life in excess of 15 years and we give an initial 5 year no touch guarantee.

How Often Do I have to Maintain the Challis Booster?

No maintenance is required.

How Much is the Challis Booster Compared to a Break Tank & Pump Set?

There is a significant saving in capital cost, installation cost and on going maintenance.

Can I Pay for The Challis Booster System Monthly?

Yes, Challis Booster is available on WaterGuard

What Happens If I Add Another Bathroom or En Suite?

Challis Booster is a completely modular system so if you need more storage capacity you just roll in and connect up another vessel.

How Do I Boost My Mains Water?

Fit a Challis Booster or if your pressure is bad 24/7 (mostly in London and Greater London areas) then fit a Challis Booster Plus

Is The Challis Boost Noisy?

No. As there are no moving parts in the Challis Booster it is completely silent. If you fit a Challis Booster Plus which comes with a pump, noise is hardly noticeable as it runs only for the short period it takes to refill the vessel.

Where Can I Fit The Challis Booster?

You can fit Challis Booster cylinders in the garage, loft, cupboards even outside if insulated jackets are used.

My Supply Pressure Is Bad All Day and Night What Can I Do?

You need to fit a Challis Booster Plus. Large areas in and around London will be effected by continuous low water pressure.

Can I Pump Directly Off The Mains Water Supply?

Yes you can. As the Challis Booster Plus pump is limited to 12 litres per minute it complies with Local Water Bylaws.

Does The Challis Boost System Come With Everything I Need?

Yes the Challis Booster System is designed by plumbers for plumbers so you get everything you need to fit and get up and running in record time.

Can Challis Booster Be Installed Outside?

Yes as long as frost protection is ensured.

I Have Seen Other Websites Mentioning Accumulators, Why Should I Choose Challis Booster?

We have been developing this system for 15 years and only use the best products ensuring the Challis Booster really is Fit & Forget. If you want Quality, Reliability and Expert Advice why would you go somewhere else?

Client Feedback

Wandsworth is notorious for bad water pressure and my mains pressure has been reduced again. I was at my wits end with no water in the morning or early evening. Even on good days I would just get a dribble to shower under. The Challis Boost that I have just had fitted has changed my life, real power showers when and where I want!

Ms Ashton (London)

Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you and Russell for your advice regarding the installation of my Challis 310.

I fitted it on Saturday and the difference it makes is unbelievable - I think I'm going to have to pinch back some of my taps the water is coming out so fast!

Mr Coats

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